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Polk County in Iowa

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Jared Parks

Jared Parks

Jared Parks
18 YOA
DOB: October 5, 1990
Interstate 35/80
Urbandale, IA (Polk County)
May 11, 2009

Jared Parks, 18, was found dead on Interstate 35/80 near the Beaver Avenue Bridge in Polk County, Iowa, on Monday, May 11, 2009. He’d been hit by at least two semi tractor-trailers. The Polk County medical examiner said there was nothing to indicate that Parks was injured before the crash or that he might have jumped from the bridge. Investigators never found Jared’s cell phone, and his wallet, earrings and tennis shoes were also missing. They have ruled the death as suspicious.


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  1. someone who cares says:

    The word is Sean Nelson of urbandale has a cousin and few of his friends picked him up he owed money they made him strip n something went wrong they threw him over the bridge his cousin left for California afterwards and he recently came back to Iowa I do not know the cousins name but he did it can’t prove it or I would RIP

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