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Carl “Kenneth” Gallmeyer

Carl Kenneth Gallmeyer
70 YOA
1091 240th Street
Nashua, IA
Chickasaw County (jurisdiction)
Est. Date of Death: September 25-26, 2012
Body Found: October 4, 2012

Carl “Kenneth” Gallmeyer, 70, was found slain in his rural Nashua, Iowa, home in Chickasaw County on October 4, 2012. Investigators believe Randy Lee Patrie — who is being held on federal gun charges — used a .410 gauge sawed-off shotgun to kill Gallmeyer sometime between September 25-26, 2012, so Patrie could burglarize Gallmeyer’s home.

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  1. Debra Caudle says:

    I thought they solved this one.

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