Montrose in Lee County

Lee County in Iowa

Lee County in Iowa

Cold Cases in Montrose, Iowa





*Please Note: The cases listed below may fall under the county sheriff’s jurisdiction. They are included here for cross-reference purposes. More specific information may be found on each victim’s individual page.


Arthur Leon Ransford
36 YOA
Case # 84-02367
Disappeared from Keokuk Nov. 22, 1983
Body found south of Montrose
Lee County
May 13, 1984

Thirty-six-year-old Vietnam vet Arthur L. Ransford went missing from Keokuk, Iowa, November 22, 1983. On May 13, 1984, his remains were found enclosed in a large yellow bag someone had buried under cement blocks in a wooded area south of Montrose overlooking the Mississippi River.


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