Malvern in Mills County

Malvern in Mills County

Mills County in Iowa

Cold Cases in Malvern, Iowa




There currently are no unsolved cases in Malvern, Iowa, in Mills County.

Malvern resident Charles Shamblen was found dead (outside Malvern’s city limits) in December 1936 and his murder fell under the jurisdiction of the Mills County Sheriff’s Office. A former Iowa Cold Cases volunteer added Mr. Shamblen’s case to this website, but on February 19, 2013, Mills County Sheriff Eugene Goos confirmed Mr. Shamblen’s case was not an unsolved homicide. Therefore, Charles Shamblen’s case has been removed from this website.

While we understand loss and the historical interest/significance of each and every Iowa homicide, our website’s primary goal has always been — and remains — focused on providing case summaries for unsolved Iowa murders.

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