Yerlanin Garcia

Yerlanin Garcia (Courtesy Iowa Department of Public Safety)

Yerlanin Garcia

Missing Person

Name: Yerlanin Garcia
Age at Report:
Sept. 18, 1997
100 lbs.
Incident Type:
Missing From: Eagle Grove, IA
Wright County
Missing Since:
January 15, 2010

Yerlanin Garcia was reported missing to the Eagle Grove Police Department in Eagle Grove, Iowa, on January 15, 2010.

At the time of her disappearance, Yerlanin was described as a 12-year-old white female, 4-foot-3 and weighing approximately 100 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes.

Information Needed

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Yerlanin Garcia, please contact the Eagle Grove Police Department at (515) 448-4686.


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  1. Thoughts says:

    The lack of awareness about this case leads me to suspect the family. It is the family’s efforts that typically get press coverage to the missing

  2. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Anon, I don’t know. It seems a long way from Iowa to Tarrant County in Texas. Also, we don’t know if the authorities in Iowa have any DNA, to compare with what ever they migh have in Texas. It might an idea to notify the Eagle River Police Department.

    Also, is anyone from her family from Texas. It would help if the authorities provided more details. I guess it was to hard to provide them. It’s frustrating since they will ask for the public’s help.

    • AnonymousScientist says:

      Doubtful it is her – the age range given for Jane Doe was 21-35 (in 2013). Yerlanin would only have been 16 in that year.

      I think it would behoove us all to consider the possibility that she exited this country with her family and has lived a perfectly normal and lovely life. It is somewhat common for Latino families to return home and very normal for them to return for visits. There very well could have been issues that prevented their return.

  3. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    It would be nice if authorities could provide more details. I mean what she doing when she disappeared. A commenter has posted that she was with her grandmother or her father.

    I guess it was too hard for the authorities to provide more details. Unless the did not make an effort to get them

  4. Traci Johnson says:

    Lived in Eagle Grove all my life and never heard of this…..

  5. Shanda Foust Staples says:

    Not sure if this is still an active case. She was a former student of mine in Clarion. I believe she was either with grandma or her father when she was reported missing.

  6. Niki Asche says:

    I have never heard of this either, and have lived here my whole life.

  7. Deb Tinker says:

    Have not heard about this.

  8. So little information too. You would think since it happened 2010 with cell phones and social media there would be more photos and more info. Where was she last seen? What time of day did she go missing?

  9. Are you sure this case is still active?

  10. Angie Wunder says:

    I am extremely sad to hear this young ladies disappearance went mostly unknown to the people in her relatively small community. This poor girl and her family.

  11. Denise Lynn says:

    Doesn’t anyone have a better photo of this little girl?

    • Denise, my team members and I have searched to no avail to find a better picture of Yerlanin. It might sound crazy to say this, but she’s actually one of the “lucky” ones who at least has “some” type of photo on the IDPS MPIC site. How is one to identify a missing person if one doesn’t know what he/she looks like? As of this moment there are 328 individuals listed on the MPIC site. There are just 32 photos of the MPs. More than 90% of cases there have no vic photo. I have 91 MP photos listed on ICC and have (more than once) forwarded many of them to MPIC, stating exactly where I obtained the photo (the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office or Des Moines PD, etc.) The photos don’t get added, which is discouraging because one of these photos might help identify a MP before it’s too late. I know the IDPS is busy and backlogged with work, but so am I. Still, photos are critical to these MP cases.

  12. Brittany Lashelle Kesha Kaufman Melissa Miller

  13. Sad never heard about this n I live in Eagle

  14. I pray someone comes forward to help the family and friends.

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