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  1. James Knapp says:

    At my 50th high school class reunion I was approached by a classmate who, knowing that I still lived in Iowa City since 1964 and I was asked “Did they ever solve that murder? I replied with a question “What murder?” His response was “That grocery store murder.” Again I responded this time “I have no idea,n why would you ask?” I always thought Kathy did it.” he said, adding “She always needed money.” I told him I would check and returning to Iowa City I spent considerable time at the ICPL using their micro fish and looking up all the newspaper articles I could. Bringing them home my wife said seeing the photo of the composite drawing “That’s XXX! The Kathy mentioned before was his girlfriend at the time. When XXX called me asking me if I had found anything, I told him “You do not want to know.” I do not remember if we had anymore words but since then I had not heard from him again until the tornado hit Iowa City. He called and said “He wanted to know if we were OK. I said “Yes.” and that was the last contact I have had. Being 75 as me he may not even be alive today. I took the photo and clipped out the scarf the drawing showed and put it around his face, a class picture. Subsequently on a Mission to Mexico I told a former Iowa City policeman about this and he told me to turn it over to the Iowa City Police. Periodically over the years I have checked with them to see if they had found out anything. No they have not and I think it is because of inept effort. Kathy his old girlfriend married another man and they moved to California. Where they still may be. She had been the scene of the crime previously as a good friend lived upstairs in an apartment over the grocery store.

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