Robert Bresson

Robert Bresson (Courtesy Iowa Department of Public Safety)

Robert Bresson

Missing Person

Name: Robert Bresson
Age at Report: 57
DOB: March 9, 1939
Weight: 250 lbs.
Height: 6′ 03″
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Unknown
Incident Type: Endangered / physical
Missing From: Why, AZ
Pima County
State Last Known Alive: Arizona
Investigating Agency: Independence (IA) Police Department
Case # 97-000256
NamUs MP # 22354
NCIC Number: M-102851909
Last Seen Alive: January 1, 1996

Robert Bresson, 57, was reported missing from Why, Arizona (Pima County) to the Independence, Iowa, Police Department on January 14, 1997.

Buchanan County in Iowa
Buchanan County in Iowa
Independence in Buchanan CountyIndependence in Buchanan County

Bresson resided in Crete, Nebraska in the 1990s. He owned several small businesses in the area, along with his own property. Bresson and his former girlfriend began riding motorcycles across the United States in the mid-1990s. He occasionally phoned his son, Chris, who resided in Independence, Iowa, and used his son’s mailing address as his own while traveling.

During their motorcycle travels, Bresson and his girlfriend purchased a used mobile home in a campground near Why, Arizona, a tiny crossroads hamlet on the rugged Sonoran desert 30 miles north of the Mexican border. Bresson also bought a small solar panel business in the area and often purchased used vehicles.

Bresson’s son visited him in Arizona in mid-1996, while Bresson planned an extended vacation to Iowa during the summer of 1997. Bresson wrote to his son later in 1996 and stated he was looking forward to their upcoming visit. Bresson has never been heard from again.

Robert Bresson

Robert Bresson (Courtesy IA Dept. of Public Safety)

Bresson’s associates began calling his son to inquire about his father’s whereabouts in late 1996. A motorcycle and one pickup truck were missing from Bresson’s Arizona residence, but there was no evidence of foul play at the scene.

Bresson’s former girlfriend returned to their home in Nebraska sometime after his disappearance, but was unable to help with the investigation. Bresson’s property in Nebraska and Arizona have since been foreclosed.

His son filed a missing person’s report for his father in his hometown of Independence, Iowa on January 14, 1997. Authorities accepted the case due to his son’s residency, though Bresson never lived in Iowa.

Bresson may be driving a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Bresson’s son believes his father may have traveled to Mexico, as his Arizona trailer was approximately 30 miles from the border. His son said it was possible his father became involved in some type of trouble in Mexico, which may have led to his disappearance. There are few clues available in his case, and it remains unsolved.

Note: A DNA sample has been submitted and tests are complete

Information Needed

If you have any information concerning Robert Bresson’s disappearance, please contact Assistant Police Chief Darwin Meyer at the Independence Police Department at 319-334-2520 or



5 Responses to Robert Bresson

  1. That wasn’t that long ago. Thanks.

  2. Conniie Coffey says:

    All of a sudden rumors around Crete Ne. are his body was found in Texas. His ex wife said his body was found and DNA was done. I would say whom ever is making all this up must know something, including his ex- girlfriend.

  3. Connie Coffey says:

    His girlfriend was back several times , telling one friend he was in a Mexican prison. I think she knows more tan she’s saying.

  4. Chris Bresson says:

    here is an article on when the found his body, which has since been identified as robert through DNA.—-file-john-doe/article_ba7266d6-20a4-11e3-94a5-0019bb2963f4.html

    I miss you.

    • BW says:

      This body was found in Oct. 1995 according the article. However, that does not match the last seen alive timeline for it to be this person.

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