Pitt McClellan Doxsie


Patrolman Pitt McClellan Doxsie
34 YOA
Panel: 48-W: 2
Independence, IA
Buchanan County
End of Watch: October 26, 1897


Case information added by Jody Ewing


Buchanan County in Iowa
Buchanan County in Iowa
Independence in Buchanan County Independence in Buchanan County

On Tuesday, October 26, 1897, Patrolman Pitt McClellan Doxsie, 34, was shot and killed in Independence, Iowa during a gunfight with two thieves. Patrolman Doxsie had been patrolling the city’s downtown area on horseback when he stumbled on a burglary in progress.

His body was discovered in an alley, and neither of the two thieves were ever apprehended.

His murder remains unsolved.

Information Needed

If you have any information regarding Patrolman Pitt McClellan Doxsie’s unsolved murder, please contact the Independence Police Department at 319-334-2520 or the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office at 319-334-2568.





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