Mervin Walvatne

Mervin Walvatne (Courtesy Iowa Department of Public Safety)

Mervin Leo Walvatne

Missing Person

Name: Mervin Walvatne
Age at Report:
53 YOA
July 8, 1937
150 lbs.
Missing From: Spencer, IA
Clay County
Incident Type:
Disability – physical / mental
Investigating Agency:
Spencer Police Department
Case Number:
NCIC Number:
NamUs MP Number:
Missing Since:
July 18, 1990


Clay County in Iowa
Clay County in Iowa
Spencer in Clay CountySpencer in Clay County

Mervin Leo Walvatne, 53, went missing from Spencer, Iowa, on July 18, 1990. Walvatne’s sister, who lives in Spencer and had regular contact with her brother, became concerned after not seeing her brother since July 18 and reported him missing to the Spencer Police Department.

Walvatne was allegedly an alcoholic and led a transient lifestyle, often living in Arizona. He is classified as disabled. His last permanent places of residence were in the Yuma and Tucson, Arizona areas.

Mr. Walvatne also lived in Madison, Wisconsin during the 1970s, and it was during this time he suffered facial injuries in a car accident. Fractures to his nose, cheek and eye areas required surgery as well as wire and plastic implants. He also wears an upper denture plate.

Walvatne has tattoos on his arms, one of which may include his first name, Mervin.

Mervin Leo Walvatne was born July 8, 1937, in Fayette, Iowa, to Lawrence Leo and Mayme L. (Helgerson) Walvatne.

Dental information/charting is available and entered at NamUs.

Information Needed

If you have any information concerning Mervin Walvatne’s disappearance, please contact the Spencer Police Department at 712-262-2151.



4 Responses to Mervin Walvatne

  1. Sher Stookey says:

    Reminds me of Elmer, the Whistler. Rides a bike with baskets for collecting cans and such along Mt. Vernon Rd. in Cedar Rapids. Last time I saw him he was running some kind of errand for what used to be The Golden Egg. I think he lives in that area as well.

  2. Jorge Pena says:

    This man resembles I met in 1997 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The resemblance is uncanny. I believe he called himself Melvin? He rode a bike and collected cans he w mentally ill as he always yelled “beep, beep” while riding his bike. He also would look at you and say ” you dropped you pocket” when you looked he would yell ” rubber neck.” Hmmm, I wonder…

  3. Jorge Pena says:

    Wait…He would also take his top teeth out holding them on his tongue to scare you…should I call? It has been approx. 20 or so years since I have seen Times he said his name was Elmer? The resemblance man….wow…

  4. Jorge Pena says:

    Sher….Yup that’s him, is the resemblence uncanny? Or is it just me?

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