Maurice Kneifl (Courtesy Sioux City Police Department)

Maurice Kneifl (Courtesy Sioux City Police Department)

Maurice P. Kneifl

Missing Person

Maurice P. Kneifl
Age at Report: 58
DOB: August 28, 1924
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Sioux City, IA
Woodbury County
Investigating Agency: Sioux City Police Department
Case Number: 83-5739
NCIC Number: M-115379226
NamUs MP Number: 17056
Last Seen Alive: February 14, 1983


Case summary compiled by Jody Ewing

On February 16, 1983, 58-year-old Maurice Kneifl was reported missing to the Sioux City Police Department by Kneifl’s girlfriend, Joyce Fish — whom he’d been dating for many years — and her daughter, Lori.

1981-dark-brown-fleetwood-cadillac-maurice-kneiflCourtesy Pinterest
Maurice Kneifl was last seen driving a 1981 dark brown or black Fleetwood Cadillac similar to the one shown above. The vehicle also remains missing.

Maurice reportedly was last seen on February 14, 1983, driving his 1981 dark brown Fleetwood Cadillac, Iowa license plate, HIZ379.

Kneif was described as a 58-year-old 5-foot-7 white male with green eyes, brown hair and weighing about 200 pounds. Kneif also wore dark framed glasses.

Kneifl had left his girlfriend’s residence around 9:30 p.m. When he failed to show up in the morning to give her a ride to work, Joyce became concerned and began making calls.

Kneifl owned and operated Fethke Cleaners located at 1209 West 26th Street in Sioux City. He failed to show up for work on February 15 and all days thereafter.

Kneifl — a respected local businessman — had served as mayor of Hartington, Nebraska, for many years. He was the city’s only mayor not running for office to win an election via write-in votes.

Woodbury County in Iowa
Woodbury County in Iowa
Sioux City in Woodbury CountySioux City in Woodbury County

He and his wife owned a dry cleaning business for over 30 years before her death on Feb. 18, 1978.

Foul Play Suspected

At the time of Kneifl’s disappearance, he’d been trying to convince one of his two daughters, Kandy, to leave her husband, Delbert Beauchene, who was facing his fourth incarceration.

Beauchene, the owner of Interstate Speedway (now Raceway Park) had served three separate stints in prison — both with the state and the federal penitentiary — and was in trouble once again.

Kneifl had evidence regarding his son-in-law’s illegal activities and was prepared to testify with what he thought was sufficient evidence to put Beauchene away for good.

Kneifl turned up missing before he had the opportunity to testify.

Kandy passed away on August 20, 2004, and Beauchene, who suffered from kidney problems, died March 4, 2008.

Neither Kneifl’s body nor his car has ever been found.

Information Needed

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the Sioux City Police Department at 712-279-6440.



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  1. Stay Strong! says:

    Delbert sounds like a real quality guy.

    May he rot in hell.

  2. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    It would be nice to know what criminal activity that Delbert Beauchene, was involved with. Also, if their were others involved in this activity. I would be interesting how Maurice developed this additional evidence in regards to his son-in-law.

  3. Mandie El says:

    I’ve been asking ppl honey and I will help you okay as much as we can

  4. Jack Toomey no it wasn’t n yes Mandie El

    • OK that’s great …thank u ….do u actually work on these cases

    • Libby, thanks for that info. I was thinking the car was still missing, too, but wasn’t sure. I’ve added that info to his page along with a photo that resembles the one he had when he disappeared.

    • Libby, yes we do, and we’re continually looking for more info to add to the pages that might help spark someone’s memory. We share any new details we uncover with the respective law enforcement agency. We can interview and speak with people, but only law enforcement can make any arrests. We’re also working behind the scenes with Iowa legislators in efforts to pass legislation that would make it easier to bring about charges in some of these cases.

  5. Mandie El says:

    Libby Bridges you n I can look in to it when u come home.

  6. Jack Toomey says:

    Was his car ever located?

  7. Ikr its fucked up ..

  8. It’s a shame they are still holding it in

  9. Gurl we been trying for 33 yrs n nothing …noone will talk …Delbert isn’t the only one that knew something

  10. Some one knows something I just wish they would open they mouth n tell someone

  11. I hope you get answers honey

  12. I never got to meet my grandpa …wish I did i v heard so much bout him n how he was a awesome man

  13. Yes Fawna Mark Pickering it is n we have yet to find his body

  14. This is very heart breaking.

  15. Libby Bridges this is your grand papa right.

  16. Diana Wilson says:

    I don’t remember this cleaners.

  17. Tina Carroll says:

    Del passed away a few years back.. shame this man went missing

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