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  1. Rick A Hyatt says:

    As a former US Army MI Analyst, what I believe happened is that Dan was traveling with a pop-up camper (News had it the murder scene has two sets of narrow-gauge tire tracks as if pulling a trailer) and perhaps with Misty, as well. I note from news reports they both disappeared for a while. I have read that there is a “Meth Town” at the head of Wamsutter Road to the West where it meets the main highway and that road is the back way to avoid attention thru Casper. There seems to be a good camping spot up there, and remote, I found on the Internet. I think the two girls tried to get away while Dan (And Misty?) were perhaps showering at Love’s, for it is the only place in Wamsutter for many miles to get such services and supplies.
    But to later see his small blue nice paint and body job p/u right at a tight place in the road parked in the ditch as no local would ever do, seeing their reaction to me and my white 18 wheeler, and, in passing looking to read their plate #, seeing copious amounts of dust dumped upon the trailer hitch, and hiding the licence plate just added to the intrigue.
    Conclusion: Meth-heads are murderers; The young girls knew too much about something that meant serious jail time for Dan and Misty, and/or perhaps even retaliation from other Meth-heads. Or it’s all Fake News.
    And no one from Crime Stoppers, etc., ever called me back.

    • Rick A Hyatt says:

      I worked at Rawlins City Market had station for quite a while. One evening just before closing a small purple sedan with a couple on it tore thru lane 2 then lane 3, back again, turned around, and back into lane 4. No way was I going outside. I watched the man driver seem at if to pump, but did not start it. He just furtively went to the pump and the open again and again. Finally I heard what sounded like a .22 short. They suddenly drove off without fueling. As I was about to lock the doors the same car pulled into lane 6, and an obese woman pre-paid 8$. She had 2 notable small moles on her right cheek next to her mouth. I went out to pretend to check the trash cans but kept my distance while I tried to get the plate number. I called the cops on what I thought were high meth heads. The man had black short hair, but was balding on top, and unless he was hiding was now not with her. The next day while browsing my photos I recognized my downloaded photos of Dan and Misty from the Amber Alert. I checked, and it was the newer colors of the Iowa State licence plate the sedan had and that’s why I hadn’t recognized it. I guess I almost bought the farm that night. Wonder why the authorities never have contacted me.

  2. Rick A Hyatt says:

    Rick A. Hyatt
    548 15th Street
    Cathy Gardens Apartments – #402
    Rawlins, WY 82301

    Chief Jeff Jensen
    Evansdale Police Department
    Evansdale, IA 50707

    Fax transmittal 319-232-1586

    Re: My reported sighting of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins attempting to hitchhike at Wamsutter, WY, Love’s Truck Stop way back when the Amber Alert was still active. And dressed in urban street clothes (We’d just had a snow) while holding a cardboard sign penned in ink “IO…” How, about a week later, I came upon a man I am certain was Dan Morrison in a small blue p/u with Lyric (Notable “Owl” eyeglasses) about 15 miles up Wamsutter Road seemingly very distraught about her ID’ing me or something.
    Also, a most recent encounter (7/6/18) with Misty and Dan Morrison at my work place at Rawlins City Market, HERE IN WYOMING.

    To wit:
    Perhaps my previous attempts to report same were dismissed because I have Celiac’s Disease, and only recently have recovered from its adjunct, Lactose Intolerance. While being a former MI Analyst, these two conditions can still give one “Brain Fog,” and I note that the odd names and circumstance of this case are bizarre enough anyway.
    I was never called back by anyone, so when I one day saw a sedan with IA plates and what looked to be four suited detectives at City Market, I approached them to tell them, “If you know any cops back in Iowa, tell them I’d seen (The above).
    I note your cold case people have re-instituted a grounds-up re-investigation. Please do call if you with and please ignore my speech defect (A past tongue surgery), but I do now have hearing aids. My eidetic memory is still good, however.
    On July 6th, right before my closing time when it’s pretty dark and slow out there, a small purple sedan zipped south thru lane 2 to turn around the kiosk to whip north through lane 3 to turn around, whip back, then turn again to stop at lane 4 as if to fuel. A young Caucasian man with black needle like short hair and what I would call a “Meth-head” demeanor keep gesturing to his passenger as if “How could you do that!?” Going back and forth, and looking at me in dread.
    I could have sworn I heard the report of a .22 short thru the thick windows but saw nothing.
    He suddenly hung up the handle and sped off without fueling. This was so bizarre I called 911 to document this. Since I’ve worked there, many a “Meth-head” had tried to instigate trouble. I think I’ve noted and reported things that have had an effect upon their covert means of transport.
    I’d tried to get the plate #, but could only note the multi-colored plate was one I’d not seen before, but definitely not local Wyoming. I note from the Internet Iowa now sports a new design. Did his passenger have an accidental firing while handling a pistol? Or was it all some sort of show?
    Right at my closing, two Hispanics came in at not their usual time to buy cigarettes. An Obese blond Caucasian in her late 20’s or so with a mole on her lower right cheek came in with a nuisance conversation about the price of cheap cigarettes and to put $7 on pump six, the furthest one out, where she’d now parked.
    I noted that it was the same purple sedan, so tried again to get the plate number without approaching too close. This time I could read “IOWA” in white on top, a black cryptic block lettered custom #, and a green bottom symbolic, I guess, of a grassy field. She stood triumphantly before the car door, so I could not tell if the male was with her, had been dropped off, or was perhaps hiding in the back seat.
    I did not know what to make of all the above until the next morning when I was browsing my photo Gallery.
    Misty and Dan Morrison from news files.

    Dan now had male-pattern baldness, and she is quite the more obese, but apparently has the same blond hair and facial mole. And some untoward current and intent interest in me.
    Without a doubt, this man, his black needle-like hair, shape of face, and his “Universe is going to end” demeanor is the same man I saw with Lyric on the side of Wamsutter road when the Amber Alert was on.
    Apparently coming all the way from Iowa to check me out? Well, I surmise they’ve been getting renewed questioning, I guess. Please note my long-term survival has been do to my practiced and trained ability to not react to things, but to appear to “Not notice.”
    I am in occasional email contact with Officer Gamlin of the Rawlins Police Department.
    “:” is publicly posted, if it is correct.
    Yet as a twice-sworn-in Veteran “To Preserve, Protect…” I am painfully aware of how our moral base has been corrupted in order to Conquer-And-Divide by foreign forces, as with the Drug Trade, and do what I can to note and report things per my training at the 4th PSYOPS Group at Ft. Bragg.
    On top of which, I no longer work at City Market, so would hope to have hit pay dirt with the proffered reward. I am a pragmatic man.
    Lastly, please forgive my visually-oriented over-attention to detail. I was trained to be like that.

    Rick A. Hyatt
    Electronically signed.

    • Rick A Hyatt says:

      Please forgive the typos and in that this media will not accept the embedded photo nor email address I had in the original. Please just make sure this gets to the right authorities if you would, please.

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