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Woodbury County in Iowa
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Kevin Earl Clark


Kevin Earl Clark
26 YOA
1514 Villa Avenue
Sioux City, IA
Woodbury County
December 8, 1991


Case information provided by the Sioux City Police Department


Kevin Earl Clark, 26, formerly of Riverside, Calif., was shot just after 5 a.m. Sunday, December 8, 1991, after leaving a party in Sioux City, Iowa.

According to the Sioux City Police Department, Clark and a group of friends had just left a party at 1514 Villa Avenue, and Clark climbed into the back right passenger seat of a friend’s 1981 tan and brown Chevy Citation, which had been parked outside the Villa Avenue home.

Three other individuals also got into the vehicle.

At approximately 5:19 a.m., a black male subject, 5’10”, 165 lbs., approached the vehicle, carrying a 9-millimeter rifle. The subject stated something like “M%@$^ F&$%^@, I finally caught up with you!” and began firing into the vehicle.

Clark, who had a 38 Titan Special revolver in his possession, returned gunfire, but was struck three times in the torso by the assailant.

Kevin Clark was slain at this home in Sioux City (Courtesy Woodbury County Assessor's Office)

Kevin Clark was shot to death just moments after leaving this 1514 Villa Ave. home in Sioux City. (Courtesy Woodbury County Assessor’s Office)

All of Clark’s shots entered into the Chevy’s rear door frame, and, miraculously, no other occupants in the vehicle were injured.

Friends removed Clark from the Chevy Citation, placed him in another vehicle and transported him to Mercy Medical Center, where Clark was pronounced dead a short time later.

Murder weapon stolen days before shooting

Sioux City police quickly learned the murder weapon had been stolen just days prior to the shooting.

When officials apprehended the suspect in that case, he led investigators to Darren Donyal Doyle, 20 years of age, and Nathaniel Crawford, 21 years of age, both of whom were eventually charged with First-Degree Murder in Clark’s death.

The case against Doyle and Crawford quickly began falling apart.

Over the course of the next several months, witnesses changed their stories. Credibility issues also came into question.

Charges against Doyle and Crawford were officially dismissed in 1992.

Kevin Clark’s murder remains an active, unsolved homicide.

About Kevin Clark

Kevin Earl Clark was born February 20, 1965.

kevin-clark-gravestoneCourtesy photo K.B., findagrave.com
Kevin Clark’s remains were returned to Riverside, Calif., for burial in the Olivewood Cemetery in Riverside County.

He lived for some time in Riverside, California.

He died December 8, 1991 in Sioux City, Iowa, after being shot three times.

His remains were returned to Riverside for burial at the Olivewood Cemetery in Riverside County.


Information Needed

If you have any information about Kevin Clark’s unsolved murder, please contact the Sioux City Police Department at (712) 279-6390.


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