Penny McDonnell with children Charles, James Lee Jr., and Amanda


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  1. Penny says:

    I will share my thoughts, I’m Charles mother, and he was at his cousin’s wedding wedding on August 17,2018 as his best man. They had a wedding reception afterwards, Andi talk to my son around 6:00 p.m. And told him I loved him to be safe. And I talk to my sister to and ask her to make sure Charles was safe. She said yes. I got a phone call at 3:15 a.m. that my son Charles was shot!!! And it was from a friend that got a call from from a girl from the house party. She asked her if she called called her mom which is me and she said no. So , she tried to get the police to talk to me on the phone and they refused i had to call the Muscatine police department yes I’m saying the the name because that’s the town it happened in. So i call the Muscatine police department, and the finally put me to and officer. And remind you I’m and your and a half away plus i called the father and the Aunt that said she would make sure Charles was safe. So the officer ask me if i was driving, im crying im saying no, he saying you need to hurry he is slipping away quickly so we are trying to rush. As soon as I hit Muscatine the police officer said he passed away!!! I lost it!!! When I got to the hospital remind you I have everything. I saw my son lying their in the blood. I saw where the shots were. So did my fiance. My son was shot from the left side behind the back of his lower kinda ear out to the upper the right side of his head. They tried to cover it up but we saw it. And the police call it suicide before they left police department after they got the call. The Hospital records will tell you its homicide. Just like us. The Corners report went by the police and witnesses. Their is more I should have said. And alot more to be said. But you can go to Iowa cold cases. Charles Williams Binxs Netherland. Sincerely, Penny Sue McDonnell

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