Anthony Evans (Courtesy Sioux City Journal)Courtesy Sioux City Journal
Anthony “Tony” Lee Evans

Anthony Lee Evans

Hit-and-Run Homicide

Anthony “Tony” Lee Evans
1016 21st Street
Sioux City, IA
Woodbury County
June 20, 2000


Five-year-old Anthony Evans was struck by a hit-and-run driver in the 1000 block of 21st street in Sioux City, Iowa, on June 20, 2000.

Bruce Evans tattoo of son TonyCourtesy Bruce Evans
On what would have been his son’s 15th birthday, Bruce Evans got the following tattoo on his left calf.

According to a Sioux City Journal article dated June 21, 2001, Anthony and his mother, Michelle Evans, were returning to their home at 1016 21st Street.

Michelle parked the car on the opposite side of the street and prepared to cross.
A westbound truck — described as a 1996 or newer model white Dodge Dakota pickup truck with an extended cab or possibly four doors — drove past the Evans’ car, swerved to miss Michelle and struck Anthony.

The 5-year-old died the following day — 10 days before his 6th birthday — at Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City.

The Journal reported that a $5,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Anthony’s death.

The following articles track what is known about the case so far, and are listed in chronological order.

Police offer reward in hit-and-run case

By Julie Weeder

June 21, 2001

One year after a 5-year-old was killed in a hit-and-run collision, Sioux City police are stepping up the efforts to make an arrest in the case by offering a $5,000 reward.

Police Chief Joe Frisbie made the announcement at a press conference Wednesday, on the one-year anniversary of the death of Anthony Lee “Tony” Evans.

“No doubt there is someone out there who knows something,” Frisbie said. “Someone close to this individual probably knows something. Hopefully if this person is not moved by conscience to come forward, maybe they can be moved by money.”

Anthony Evans (Courtesy

Anthony Evans

The $5,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person driving the vehicle that hit Anthony on that sunny day, June 20, 2000. The money is being made available through the police department’s asset forfeiture funds, such as money obtained during drug seizures. This is the first time the department has offered a reward with these funds.

Anthony and his mother, Michelle Evans, were returning to their home at 1016 21st Street. Michelle parked the car on the opposite side of the street and prepared to cross. A westbound truck drove past the car, swerved to miss Michelle and struck Anthony.

Anthony died the following day at Mercy Medical Center. Since then, police have exhausted almost all efforts to find the driver of the white Dodge Dakota pickup truck, 1996 or newer model with an extended cab or possibly four doors. The police checked on hundreds of white Dodge pickups in the area, as well as visiting car dealerships and body shops. Officers also canvassed the neighborhood where the accident occurred, going door-to-door.

Officer Marc Hein, who is investigating the accident, said about 100 tips have been followed from the Crimestoppers hotline.

“I feel sad for the family, just knowing the hardship they have to go through,” Hein said. “The family has helped a lot. I hope with the reward that someone with direct knowledge will come forward.”

Bruce and Michelle Evans moved out of Sioux City after the accident, but are believed to have moved back, Sgt. Jim McCrystal said. Attempts were made to reach the family Wednesday, but with no immediate success.

A memorial to Anthony was set up on 21st Street near where he was hit. A large photo of the smiling child was framed and attached to a pole. Flowers enclosed in a white fence and a small Matchbox car paid tribute to Anthony.

“The likelihood of this person having been involved in the accident and having told someone close to them, I think is very likely,” Frisbie said. “The individual is out there and listening. God only knows what made this person flee the scene. I’m sure this is big burden on their life. They have the opportunity to come forth and clear this up.”

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Fatal hit-and-run remains unsolved

By Jesse Claeys, Journal staff writer

June 23, 2004

It has been four years and three days since Anthony Evans was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Sioux City.

It has been four years and three days since law enforcement officials and the Evans family have searched for the driver of the 1996 or newer white Dodge Dakota with an extended cab that struck the 5-year-old as he crossed the 1000 block of 21st Street.

“Finding this person would finally bring us some closure,” Bruce Evans, Anthony’s father, said. “My hopes are down, but we are hoping someone comes forward. We don’t know how they could live with themselves everyday knowing that they did this.”

Woodbury County in Iowa
Woodbury County in Iowa
Sioux City in Woodbury CountySioux City in Woodbury County

Many leads developed in the case, but all of them have fallen through. In the months after the June 20, 2000, death of Anthony, police looked at numerous white pickup trucks in the area, but none turned out to be the one that fatally injured the child.

Lt. Marti Reilly of the Sioux City Police Department said the case remains open and investigators continue to solicit information and track any leads.

“Knowing that your child was killed by someone and knowing that that person is still at large is a daunting mental problem for any family that has experienced such a tragic loss,” Reilly said. “They would really like to see justice served.”

According to police department records, Michele Evens, Anthony’s mother, parked her car on the north side of 21st Street and got out to cross the street to their home at 1016 21st. Anthony exited the passenger side of the car, went around the front and walked into the street. He was then struck by a westbound pickup that was coming down the hill off Court Street.

Records show the truck came to rest more than 40 feet from the impact site. The driver then drove off.

Bruce Evans said people still occasionally call with a tip about the death of his son, but only provide vague information, not enough for the police department to proceed.

“It is important for people to know they can give information and remain anonymous. They can get a number and never have to give their name. They can use that number to get the reward if an arrest is made. It shouldn’t be about the money, but if that is what it takes to find this person, then I guess it’s fine,” Bruce Evans said.

People with any information about the driver who killed Anthony are asked to contact the Sioux City Police Department, Crime Stoppers at (712) 258-TIPS.

Jesse Claeys can be reached at (712) 293-4221 or

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Sioux City boy remembered on 20th birthday

By Greg Forbes, Sioux City Journal

June 30, 2014

SIOUX CITY | Fourteen years ago seems like just yesterday to Bruce Evans.

On June 20, 2000, his 5-year-old son Anthony was struck by a hit-and-run driver on 21st Street in Sioux City. Anthony died from his injuries the next day.

Tuesday would have been Anthony’s 20th birthday.

Evans was at work on the day the accident happened. He knew something was wrong even before he received the news.

“I looked at my brother and I said, ‘Something’s not right,’” said Evans, who now lives in Ceresco, Neb.

His gut feeling led him to call home, where his wife told him their son had been hit by a pickup.

“It was one of the worst feelings in the world,” Evans said.

While the driver was never identified, Anthony’s case recently was added to the Iowa Cold Cases website, a nonprofit organization that provides updates on unsolved crimes.

Evans said he was relieved to know his son had not been forgotten.

“I was ecstatic,” he said. “People need to know that this is still out there, that the driver hasn’t been caught in 14 years.”

Despite the passage of time, Evans still remembers his little boy’s compassion toward others.

“He was outgoing,” he said. “He wanted to help everyone that he could.”

One winter, Anthony put on his snowpants, gloves and boots after a snowstorm and voluntarily cleared the neighbor lady’s sidewalk.

When he wasn’t helping others, Evans said Anthony spent his time riding his bike, playing with the neighbors and spending time with his family.

“He was just a joyful, playful, normal 5-year-old who wanted to do everything I did when I was 5,” he said.

Anthony’s knack for helping others continued after he died. Evans said the family donated several of Anthony’s organs for transplant.

Evans now participates in the Easton Poker Run in Nebraska, an annual celebration of another young organ donor who died when he was 2 years old. This year’s event just happens to fall on Anthony’s birthday.

“This means a lot to participate in honor of him, too,” Evans said.

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About Anthony Evans

Anthony Lee “Tony” Evans was born July 1, 1994, in Sioux City, Iowa, to Bruce and Michelle (McFarland) Evans.

Anthony Evans gravestoneCourtesy photo Bruce Evans
Anthony “Tony” Evans died 10 days before his 6th birthday.

He died Wednesday, June 21, 2000, in Sioux City from injuries sustained the day before in a hit-and-run outside his home.

He attended Joy School Kindergarten and would have been a first-grader in the fall.

Services were held at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, June 26, 2000, at Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints with Bishop Jay L. Marsden officiating.

In addition to his parents, survivors included a sister, Tonya; maternal grandparents Mike and Lyn McFarland; paternal grandmother, Minnie Davis; great-grandparents, Dorothy McFarland and Beverly Beaver; maternal great-great-grandmother, Laura Desy, all of Sioux City; and many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

Dani Mae and Tony EvansCourtesy photo Dani Mae, Facebook
Dani Mae (left) and Tony Evans were best friends, always playing together on Iowa Street. Dani shared on Facebook the above photo of the two, describing the loss of her childhood friend as “very hard” and Tony being “forever missed.”

Pallbearers were Chris Davis, David Knapp, Eddy Knapp, and Jared Solomon.

Tony was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in Sioux City.

Information Needed

Anyone with information about Anthony Evans’ unsolved hit-and-run homicide is asked to contact the Sioux City Police Department at (712) 279-6390 or Crime Stoppers at (712) 258-TIPS.



38 Responses to Anthony Evans

  1. Melanie Wood says:

    Bruce. What a great tattoo. A wonderful tribute to your son. Bless you sir.

  2. Antonio Burks says:

    Tony and I were classmates in elementary school. We would play almost daily in the summer time. He has the spirit and energy, always willing to help you when you were down, always the life in the room. I remember the day I came over and knocked on the door, I hadn’t seen him in awhile—that’s when I had learned of his passing. As I get older, I frequently think about my friend and where he would be in life. It deeply saddens me to realize he is no longer here, but my friend I want you to know you haven’t been forgotten; I remember you, and so do a many of others. I am now 26 years old and the world is in a crazy state filled with political and racial agendas. When I think of Tony, I think of a human that did not see color and saw me as his friend and the goodness of others. Rest easy Tony, I miss ya ❤️

  3. Marily says:

    I remember I was 11 years old and I was at a family friend’s birthday party up the street across from the bakery when this happened. I remembered the police not letting anyone get near the accident some kept saying it was a little boy. I than saw him on the news and every time we drove by this area I would see his picture on a marker next to the sidewalk and I would ask god to please help his family to please help us find who did this. To this day I remember his name and wonder how can anyone be so cruel!! and not stop.

  4. andy says:

    Have detectives used google maps with recently used photos? I was navigating through the street view option and seen a few white trucks that fit the description. The driver had to of lived close by. Maybe he was on his way home when this happened.

    • Kristen Christoffer says:

      I heard that the guy ditched his truck in a sioux city river and the guy was recently (within the last year) living in spencer and has children of his own now

  5. maey says:

    Corruption. It was a little child and no one wants to help him live in peace? I dont get it i do but society sucks

  6. Bruce Evans says:

    I made a trip to sioux city today. First time I’ve been to the cemetery in a couple years. It doesn’t get any easier. He would of been 22 Friday July 1st.

    • Bruce, thanks so much for sharing this photo, and I know how heartbreaking it must have been to visit the cemetery; a death date and a birth day just too close together. Your photo showed Tony’s gravestone more clearly so I replaced the one on his ICC page with this one. (With proper credit citations.) Also, I saw Dani Mae’s beautiful tribute and also included that on Tony’s page with credit to her. Jody at ICC

    • Lisa says:

      Such a sad situation! My heart goes out to you and your family Bruce! I couldn’t imagine knowing who did this and there is absolutely nothing you can do… Years ago simular situation happened in Clinton Iowa. At the time I was ressiding there. Little Joshua Yoder. My son was about 7 or 8 and he too was hit by a man that was leaving a bar. The guy continued on and left my son. Thank God it was not fatal but it very well could’ve been. All things come to light! No mattet how long… It will come to light!

    • Melanie Wood says:

      I lost my Mom on 12/30/18 and it still hasn’t.

  7. Fe Eriksen says:

    I remember hearing about that on the news. So sad :(

  8. I so agree with you Alicia Pearson, this is very heart breaking.

  9. How could a person live with themselves knowing they hit this little boy? It’s been so long.

  10. That is absolutely beautiful! What a priceless memory.

  11. Evans Bruce says:

    I finally got this done yesterday.

  12. This is heart breaking !! I wish the person who did this would come forward and give this family what the what ANSWERS! I pray they find this person !!!

  13. Tonya Evans says:

    15 years and it still hurts to know I never have any memories of him. Not only that but my brother never met my younger brother.

  14. The dad knows who did this, but unfortunately, the guy is untouchable. God Bless this beautiful baby!

    • mary hyndman says:

      The little boys dad knows? what the hell

      • Bruce says:

        I know his name, where he works, where he lives. I know he’s an alcoholic and has a gift to Gab when he’s drunk. I know he has and still cheats on his wife with his boss. The police know who he is also. The problem is that no one will testify as to what he has said. Everyone in walthill and winnebago knows also but will not testify because they are afraid they will loose everything. I may not live in sioux city anymore but I do have many great friends that keep in touch with me with his whereabouts.

        • LuAnn says:

          Sounds like the guy is untouchable and he makes me sick…Obviously he has no remorse whatsoever as if he did he would have turned himself in for what he did….Sounds like he was probably under the influence when he hot your son and took off because he knew that he would get charged with criminal vehicular homicide & DUI….He is scum….Im so sorry for your loss of your son Anthony…My deepest condolences to your family..Hopefully someday this piece of crap will be taken down & put behind bars where he belongs and you can find some closure in all of this..RIP Anthony!!

        • Kristen Christoffer says:

          I have heard where the truck that hit the boy is located

  15. Jane Hager says:

    God will take care of that person because until he is sincerely sorry and makes amends he will have a great punishment waiting for him.

  16. I am sorry hopefully he us living in hell. Prayers

    • Melanie Wood says:

      I believe there is a special place in hell for people who kill children and the elderly. They will pay.

  17. How do they sleep at night?? Accidents happen… but to drive off & leave him helpless in the middle of the street!!

    • Melanie Wood says:

      There are people in this world that have no conscious. They do not feel bad for what they do. And there are others who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions.

  18. Joshua Brown says:

    it makes you wonder who it was or could do this, there are a some i could think of in that area, but who knows.

  19. I pray they find that person or who all was involved. My prayers with the family and friends. God bless all of you!

  20. my heart goes out to this little fellow’s family, I hope someday there is justice. please know I care. God bless you all.

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