Jessica (left) and her mother, Angela Altman in 1978. (Photo courtesy Jessica Altman)

Jessica (left) and her mother, Angela Altman in 1978. (Photo courtesy Cindy Henning and Jessica Altman)

Today’s guest blog post comes from Jessica Altman, the daughter of Iowa Cold Case victim Angela Altman.

Angela was found dead on the kitchen floor of her Fort Dodge home by her sister on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 24, 1981.

Many thanks to Jessica for sharing her thoughts with us and our readers.

33 Years

By Jessica Altman

33 years…I can only hope that you would be proud of me and all that I have accomplished.

Even though this was an unfortunate tragedy, it has undoubtedly shaped me into the woman I am today.

Angela Altman and baby Jessica in 1976. (Courtesy Jessica Altman)

Angela Altman and baby Jessica in 1976. (Courtesy Jessica Altman)

You are on my mind daily and I often think of what my life would be like if you were here.  Your grandchildren are amazing; I know you would have absolutely loved them.

It saddens me that you have missed out on so much, but I do believe that even though we can’t see you, you have been here all along.

I believe I am a stronger person because of this and I will never give up hope that justice will eventually be served.

Forever loved and in my heart.

Read more about Angela Altman’s unsolved murder.

One Response to Jessica Altman Remembers Her Mother

  1. Mike Byrne says:

    This is so sad.A young lady is forced to live her life without ever knowing her mother because some monster decided to kill her.I hope that Jessica is able to find some kind of closure and I also hope the authorities find the person responsible for murdering her mother.

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