Which first? The good news or bad news?

On September 29, 2013, in Letters, Miscellany, by Jody Ewing

Okay, I’ll make it easy. The bad news comes first, because I believe bad news should always be followed by something good.


The bad news: On my home desktop computer (a Mac Mini), I’ve lost all emails dated between early evening Sept. 12 thru Sept. 26. Yup. Two weeks’ worth. I “had” received and even replied to some of those messages during this time frame, but after multiple computer crashes and software reinstalls, they’re now gone (including the messages I hadn’t yet opened or answered in between crashes/reinstalls). Therefore, I must ask that anyone who sent me updates on cases and/or documents to please resend them.

mac-apple-smileThe good news (and there’s much for which to be thankful): I only lost two weeks’ worth of files, which is certainly better than the alternative of losing everything.

Other good news and reassurances:

  • We use WordPress software to power our website, which means all photos, files, and case summaries remain safely intact on our server.
  • Any correspondence sent via Facebook is (obviously) all still there.
  • My Mac’s TimeMachine Backup rescued desktop files saved up through Sept. 12.
  • Some messages and files (for example, those sent from Waterloo Police Investigator Brice Lippert) got read and the documents/updates uploaded to the server in between crashes.
  • Despite four particularly long days of pure frustration (and thoughts of doing evil deeds to a hard drive that continued to crash like clockwork), never once did I open a certain kitchen drawer to eyeball my red-handled hammer.

I know what you’re probably thinking. Doesn’t she know to back up her files? Yes, and I do so regularly. I also called Apple and spoke with three technicians. But, since I don’t own a smart phone or iPad (just a regular Mac Mini and a regular old cell phone used for calls and what little texting I do), I’ve always chosen to have my email deleted from the server once it downloads to my computer. Guess I need to get my head into the iClouds.

The whole techno-story behind the computer crashes/reinstalls would bore most into a coma, so I’ll spare you the details. If, however, anyone out there emailed me between Sept. 12 and 26 about a new case or provided updates on one already listed on our site, I hope you’ll take time to resend the message. Those details do matter.

Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.


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