Judith Weeks: Loved, Missed, and Remembered

On July 19, 2010, in The Families, by Jody Ewing
Judith Weeks

Judith Weeks, 44, was murdered in Cedar Rapids on April 4, 1999.

Today’s blog is written by a person who knew and loved Judith Weeks and who hopes that someone will come forward with information to solve her tragic murder. If you have any details about this unsolved homicide, please contact the Cedar Rapids Police at 319-286-5375.

My name is Buffy Gustafson and I am the girlfriend of Ryan Weeks, son of Judith Weeks — who was murdered in Cedar Rapids on April 5, 1999. Since I have heard of this website, I have checked it over many times and have noticed that each time there has been more information about Judy and the circumstances regarding her murder and her life.

I have mixed feelings about what is listed here . . . although I realize it is customary to highlight the deceased person’s life or shortcomings when it comes to situations like these, I also feel that (for Judy) it paints a negative picture of the deceased person and their life and somewhat disregards her life/murder as not being as important as others when it comes to her murderer being found and convicted.

No, Judy was not a “squeaky clean person” and she made many mistakes in her lifetime . . . but her life and her death should be as important as anyone who meets such a tragic ending. Her children love/loved her very much and still struggle with their mother’s tortured life/death and the fact that the person responsible for her murder has yet to be found.

It is sad to feel that because she had problems in life her murder has never been given equal treatment. It was my understanding that there had been a suspect in her murder and possibly DNA evidence showing that this suspect had sexual intercourse with Judy . . . but that he claimed it was consensual and there was no other proof or evidence against this man.

Do you know if any of this information is correct? Is there a way for the family to obtain information regarding her murder for their own viewing to see if it sparks any new leads?

Please understand that both of Judy’s children have struggled with this and the rocky situations in their lives in general for a very long time. I know that they also have a hard time even talking about this, but that both want justice for their mother . . . a woman who may have made many mistakes, but who – I feel — punished herself way more than we will ever know for her mistakes in life.

I do thank you and everyone else who helps with this site for bringing attention to those who are forgotten about after the media has given their murders “5 seconds of fame.”

Buffy Gustafson

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