The Puzzling Death of Jared Parks

On May 11, 2010, in Anniversaries, Rewards, by Jody Ewing
Jared Parks

Jared Parks (Courtesy KCCI)

One year ago today, 18-year-old Jared Andrews Parks was found dead on Interstate 35/80 near the Beaver Avenue Bridge in Polk County, Iowa. He’d been run over by at least two semi tractor-trailers, and troopers believe a third truck may also have run over the teen.

Investigators never found Jared’s cell phone, and his wallet, earrings and tennis shoes were also missing.

Polk County Medical Examiner Dr. Gregory Schmunk said Jared died from blunt force trauma and that his injuries were consistent with being hit by a truck. The M.E. also stated there was no evidence indicating the teen was injured before the crash or jumped from the bridge.

The death has been ruled as suspicious.

Jared had graduated early from Urbandale High School but planned on participating in the upcoming commencement ceremony. He was an aspiring, well-liked young man who is remembered for his love of basketball and listening to music, particularly Lil’Wayne.

Chad and Tammy Parks believe someone knows what happened to their son, and have offered a $10,000 reward for information.

Anyone with information, no matter how small, is urged to call the Iowa State Patrol at 515-323-4360 or Polk County Crime Stoppers at 515-223-1400.

4 Responses to The Puzzling Death of Jared Parks

  1. anonymous says:

    This story is so sad, and I hope his family finds peace. How has this person not been caught yet? Jared seemed like a great kid with a bright future.

  2. Tammy Parks says:

    Jane Doe – Jane Doe2,

    Please, please contact myself or authorities and give more detailed information.

  3. jane Doe 2 says:

    I have heard multiple Bosnian kids from Urbandale high school that graduated with his class talk about how a Bosnian killed him over drugs. The person or persons who did this walked amongst him every day but the police won’t go as far as they need to. I reported to crime stoppers what I knew and the racist things these kids say about him . The kids that talked about it where at Lyons park everyday and still go there. Its across from the high school. I’ve been there a couple times with a friend and heard 4 boys say he got what he deserved for owing someone money. they need to look at his classmates and peers. It was someone close to him that knew he would trust to go with them. It’s so sad his family and little sister has to deal with this every day. If only the police would dig further. And no racism here but they are Bosnian boys. The police need to step it up or the family needs to hire a private investigator and get it figured out. This is so sad and he deserved justice. Drugs are not worth murder. Many people say that is impossible for such a good school well it’s not. Urbandale has problems like this. I feel sorry for the family they have to know their son was involved in drugs but they need to know so it can get solved.

  4. Jane Doe says:

    He was involved with drugs and I know that personally. but it was never anything too serious. there were people around him involved with much worse drugs and gangs. I personally thought it was one person, but he ended up taking his own life a few months afterward and the other person i suspected the police already know about but won’t go farther than questioning. the police let this get cold. such a shame for his death to be in vain. someone killed Jared Parks, and that person is still out there laughing at the police department. wow.

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