Barbara Lenz

Barbara Lenz (Courtesy Iowa Department of Public Safety)

Twenty-one years ago today, 31-year-old Barbara Lealyn Lenz vanished without a trace from her Woodbine, Iowa apartment. She’d said she was going to visit an old boyfriend in Omaha that afternoon, but never arrived.

At the time of Lenz’s disappearance, her mother was hospitalized in Missouri Valley with pneumonia and Lenz visited her every day. When Lenz didn’t visit her mother for two days in a row, her mother sent relatives to check her daughter’s residence. Inside the home they found Lenz’s coffee pot half-full and still switched on, her laundry half-folded, and Lenz’s keys and purse.

Investigators believe Lenz — who had a three-year-old daughter — was taken against her will.

If you have any information about Barbara Lenz’s disappearance, please contact the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department at 712-644-2244.

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5 Responses to Barbara Lealyn Lenz: Gone Without a Trace?

  1. tina says:

    Lindsy, u ever find anything out?

  2. Samantha says:

    Lindsy–It must have been so hard for you all these years, not knowing what happened to her. If the woman that was found is your mother I hope it gives you at least a little peace to have her finally found.

  3. lisa patterson says:

    Has Ms. Lenz ever been considered as a possible match to McDonald County Jane Doe in MO? She was found on a farm as skeletal remains on December 2, 1990.

    Doenetwork case# 784UFMO or NamUs case#5321. Please pass this on if you think it’s a possible match.

    • Samantha says:

      I think you’ve got a match here! The two pictures look SO similar…fingers crossed….you might have brought her home!

    • Lindsy says:

      I’m not sure who you women are or if you will ever see this, but this is my mother. I come to this page every now and then and i just came tonight and i am now shaking and almost in tears after reading about this unidentified body. My mothers favorite Jeans were Lee. This is her to a T almost. I am having get dental and my dna compared to this body. Thank you so much for taking the time to search. Good bless you.

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