Judith Weeks: We Remember . . .

On April 4, 2010, in Anniversaries, by Jody Ewing
Judith Weeks

Judith Weeks

Eleven years ago today, Judith “Judy” Kay Weeks was killed in the back yard of a vacant apartment house by a blow to the forehead with a blade-like weapon. A passerby discovered the 44-year-old’s body at 1319 Second Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids’ Wellington Heights neighborhood.

Weeks hadn’t led an easy life; she struggled with alcohol and been involved in violent relationships. Her most recent relationship was with 40-year-old Darryl Harbison, who was in the Linn County jail at the time of Weeks’ slaying. He’d been booked for failing to complete a batterer’s educational program — a stipulation attached to a previous 30-day sentence for assaulting Judy.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in Judy’s murder, but the reward was never claimed.

If you have any information about Judy’s unsolved murder, please contact the Cedar Rapids Police Department or call 1-800-272-7463.

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  1. kristin Twilla says:

    hi my born name is Kristin Joe Coker i am the daughter of Judy Weeks.
    My mother was a wonderfulll woman full of love and kindness. Yes my mother had some demands she was fighting most of her adult life. She did not deserve to be taken away so violantly and sudden. My brother and I love our mother dearly and do not have any bad feelings for the child hood we had. We want nothing more then to see the person who killed our mother put to justice! Please if anyone has any information please contact detective Larison with the Cedar Rapids police department.

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