Lee County in Iowa

Lee County in Iowa

Cold Cases in Lee County, Iowa

*Please Note: The cases listed below are within Lee County but may fall under a city police department’s jurisdiction. They are included here for cross-reference purposes. More specific information may be found on each victim’s individual page.


Cecil Earl Paris
31 YOA
Iowa Fiber Box Company
Keokuk, IA
Lee County
February 18, 1928

Iowa Fiber Box Company nightwatchman Cecil Earl Paris, 31, was shot while on duty on February 18, 1928.


Richard Buchanan

Richard Buchanan

Double Homicide:
Willard Charles Woodring and
Richard B. Buchanan
Case # 60-00902
Keokuk, IA
Lee County
October 9, 1960

On October 9, 1960, Willard Charles Woodring, 42, owner and operator of a house of prostitution, commonly referred to as the “Hawkeye Hotel,” and Richard B. Buchanan, 49, a customer, were shot and killed during a robbery by a young male gunman in a black leather jacket who was accompanied by a young red-head in a lavender dress.


Arthur L. Ransford
Case # 84-02367
Montrose, IA
Rural Route M
Lee County
May 13, 1984

On May 13, 1984, Arthur L. Ransford’s body was found enclosed in a large yellow bag and buried under cement blocks in a wooded area overlooking the Mississippi River south of Montrose. Arthur was last seen on November 22, 1983.


Missing Person
Gary L. Counts
Age at Report: 42
Weight: 180 lbs.
Height: 5’06”
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Sex: Male
Incident Type: Missing after a catastrophe
Missing From: Fort Madison, IA (jurisdiction)
Lee County
Reported Missing: May 3, 1994

Gary L. Counts, 42, was reported missing to the Fort Madison Police Department in Fort Madison, Iowa, on May 3, 1994, after a boating mishap. His body has never been recovered.


Delores Antonia Hornung
(aka Toni Martinez)
48 YOA
Case # 99-01605
Keokuk, IA
Lee County
February 14, 1999

On February 14, 1999, Delores Hornung, also known as Toni Martinez, was found shot to death in her residence in Keokuk.


Bonnie Callahan

Bonnie Callahan

Bonnie Jean Callahan
73 YOA
111 S. Second St., Apt. 10
Mississippi Terrace
Keokuk, IA
Lee County
June 15, 2004

Bonnie Jean Callahan, 73, of 111 S. Second St., Apt. 10, Mississippi Terrace in Keokuk, was last seen alive at 10:30 p.m. Monday, June 14, 2004. A fisherman discovered her body Tuesday afternoon in the Mississippi River, floating in a small cove near the Southside Boat Club. According to an email from Callahan’s granddaughter sent to Iowa Cold Cases on Jan. 12, 2014, her grandmother was bludgeoned and placed in the river.

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