54 Responses to Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins

  1. Don says:

    I think Klunder is probably the perpetrator of this crime. He seemed perfectly comfortable taking two victims at a time. Unfortunately,he took the cowards way out so as not to answer for the evil he did.

  2. Kris Starks says:

    This case was just a mess! Seems it was all botched or something from the get go. Someone out there knows something…you can bet on it.

  3. In memory of Lyric & Elizabeth!! <3

  4. I was shocked when I heard the girls were missing and followed the case on websleuths. I was hoping that they would be found alive. The little girls were around the same age as my son. I cant imagine what their families have gone through with thier disappearance and deaths.

  5. I pray they find who did this. Prayers to the family and friends. My thoughts are with all of you. God bless ! Very sad and heart breaking.

  6. Jordi Faber that is a totally different kidnapping unfortunately. That was a 15 year old girl Kathlynn Shepard and her 12 year old friend from another small town in Iowa.

  7. But there were hopes that this case could have been solved if the man responsible for that kidnapping was also responsible for this kidnapping. He’s now been ruled out. :-/

  8. I remember this very sad just wish they found out who did it… And may those girls rest in peace :(

  9. I was following this case and was SO hoping they’d be found and that’s they’d be okay. I was so upset when they were found. May these little girls rest in peace

  10. I pray for someone to comes forward. My heart goes out to the family.

  11. There is someone out there, other than the person(s) who committed this crime, that knows the identity – hoping someone gets a conscious and reveals who it is.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone looked into the Oelwein mayor? He was just arrested for child sexual abuse and the victims were similar ages. I know Oelwein is 30+ miles away but you drive near that area when you go towards Oelwein.

  13. steve says:

    I would bet anything it had to do with the drugs n ratting ppl out….makes me sick to my stomach because I was down by the lake twice that day within that time frame..

  14. Now I’ve recently heard of a guy in Webster Co. that was trying to snatch children. I wonder if it’s the same guy.

  15. This happened not far from where I grew up. I can’t believe something so heinous took place in a small town. This beautiful girls deserve justice. Somebody knows something. I hope they do the right thing.

  16. I pray for justice, for this little Angel. And for her family.

  17. Maybe call in a physic. Praying for justice.

  18. Diana Wilson says:

    I like the updates. I’m surprised someone hasn’t let it slipped as to who did this. No closer for the family. So sad.

  19. Heartbreaking..i hope they find.out who did this to them .

  20. Three years already. Does not seem like it.

  21. Bette Luck says:

    I am sad, so sad for these families. I hope and pray for information leading to an arrest. SOMEONE know a piece of information that would help break this case. Do it for those girls.

  22. I’ve been thinking of them often latley as summer is now here and how heartbreaking it is that their family still does not have any more answers and that justice has not been brought.

  23. Logan Nelson says:

    1982 September 5th… Jonny Gosch was reported missing after he "disappeared" while delivering mail. This happened in Des Moines but just hang in there. He's wagon of mail was found a block away from his house. He was reportley being followed by a blue car.. The case remained could until 1977 when he allegedly visited his mother, she claimed her son told her that he had escaped from a child abuse ring by prominent Iowa businessmen and politicians .. This may be the same people yet I don't know why the would kill them but this could be a lead idk

  24. I remember that, very sad.

  25. Pat Mcnamara says:

    Somebody in Evansdale knows something.

  26. So sad. I really wish the woman of cold justice would look into this

  27. Somebody knows something but they are keeping very quiet! These girls deserve justice!!!

  28. Jodi Frye says:

    Parents drug dealers did it. Keep investigating them!

  29. There is more out there! They just aren’t releasing it! Not sure why? Maybe they want everyone involved?

  30. Diana Wilson says:

    I don’t know how people can get away with murder.

  31. Megan Ashley says:

    I remember that was all over the local news for a long while

  32. Rip sweet angels…this is so sad. I remember this :’-(

  33. prolly a family member..they kill us to keep control of fear in the rest of us

  34. Daniel King says:

    It is uncommon for stranger abductions to happen. I have a feeling that these 2 girls… knew their murderer.

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